The next-generation, and potentially final generation, BMW 2 Series Coupe will be revealed next week, on July 8, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It’s going to be a big day for BMW enthusiasts, as the next-gen “G42” 2 Series is going to be the last stand for small, rear-wheel drive, internal combustion-powered BMWs. Naturally, being BMW’s last real shot at such a car, fans are hoping for big things. So what do you want to see from it during its reveal?


Its styling is certainly going to be a point of interest. Spy photos and even officially release camouflaged photos show off a kidney grille design that’s far more traditional, even 507-like to be honest. If that’s the case, which we think it is, BMW fans will rejoice, thanking the Car Gods for not cursing the 2er with the 4 Series’ grilles.


There’s also a matter of headlights, though. The front lamps of the new 2 Series look surprisingly un-BMW-like in many of the spy photos and renders we’ve seen, ditching the signature dual halo design. Of course, the light design could be obscured by camouflage in the photos but we’re still a bit nervous about losing that iconic look.

One last styling cue enthusiasts will have their eyes on is the Hofmeister kink, or lack thereof. BMW has been sort of ditching the iconic kink over the past few years, claiming that because other brands copy it, the design isn’t as special anymore. We call B.S. on that and feel BMW should include it regardless of what other brands do. So we’re hoping that the new 2 Series gets back to BMW basics with its design and I think I can speak for all enthusiasts.


This new generation of 2 Series is going to be built on a version of the same CLAR architecture that underpins the 3 Series and 4 Series. So it’s likely that it’s going to have an interior that’s mostly the same. However, what are some changes you’d like to see? Will it get BMW’s updated iDrive 8 system? Will it have the same digital dials as all other Bimmers? What about its dash design, will it just be a carbon copy of the 3 Series and 4 Series?


It doesn’t take much thinking to accurately guess what sort of powertrains will be available for the G42 BMW 2 Series. It’s going to get BMW’s typical suite of turbo-fours and at least one turbo-six. There’s going to be an M Performance version and eventually a full-on M version. However, there are some interesting questions to be asked. Will there be a plug-in hybrid version? The 3 Series has one, so it might make sense for the 2 Series to have one as well.

What about a manual transmission in the U.S.? Euro-market 3 Series’ get a manual as an option but not U.S.-spec cars. So will the 2 Series — the brand’s new enthusiast model — be available with a row-your-own gearbox?

We’ll find out what the G42 BMW 2 Series is like next week and we’ll also get to see it participate in the famous Goodwood Hill Climb event. Hopefully, all of your questions will be answered.