In what seems to be a very peculiar test, the BMW M5 CS came out slower on the Sachsenring than the M8 Competition, as the guys from Auto Bild Sportscars found out during their latest Supertest on the famous track. That’s their usual proving ground and it seems like on that particular day, the BMW M5 CS didn’t really rise to the extremely high expectations people have of it.

While the limited-run model did prove to be faster than other BMW models with great pedigree behind them, the M8 Competition was apparently just that bit faster. The car was run on Pirelli P Zero Corsa specifically tuned by BMW for this car so the argument that Michelin tires might’ve made a difference flies out the window. Sure, running on slicks might’ve improved things but then again, the M8 Competition was also running on Pirelli P Zero tires.

Therefore, the tires are definitely not the culprit. The M5 CS also fell a bit short in the acceleration test, compared to what others have gotten out of it. In the video below we get to see it do a 0-100 km/h acceleration run that takes 2.9 seconds whereas other reviewers got it as low as 2.75. We can’t really fault the driver either as the man behind the wheel is resident tester Guido Naumann who knows his way around the Sachsenring with a very powerful car.

What gives, then? Well, it’s hard to tell why the M8 Competition did the lap in 1:31,77 while the M5 CS managed only 1:32,38. Nevertheless, the M5 was faster than cars like the new M4 Competition, M4 GTS or the M5 Competition to name some BMW models. It was also faster than the Audi R8 V10 Performance (on Michelin Cup 2 tires) and the Mercedes-AMG GT63 S also running on Michelin rubber.