The CSL moniker is coming back. Period. While BMW has yet to officially announce a new M CSL model, there were plenty of hints from BMW executives hinting at the revival of the iconic CSL badge. But there is one model we didn’t expect to see – a BMW M8 CSL. Granted, the images below could be of an M8 Coupe with some aggressive aftermarket parts, or even a new BMW Safety Car. But nonetheless, they are intriguing enough to trigger an article from us.

The M8 seen below comes with an aggressive front-end, dominated by a carbon fiber lip and some new kidney grilles with plenty of cooling space. The side view shows a rear window with vents which point to the lack of a rear bench and some additional cooling. We also notice a new set of brakes with red calipers, which certainly fit the sporty looks of this enhanced M8 Coupe. Certainly, it’s the rear that’s quite intriguing.

A massive rear wing – made of carbon fiber – ensure that there is enough drag force to keep the M8 planted on the track, and especially through some corners. It’s also a sign that there might be more power under the hood than the current M8 Competition.

This wouldn’t be the first time that we published a BMW M8 CSL rumor. Back in 2020, a report by mentioned that a BMW M8 CSL could arrive in 2022 and make use of the new hybrid tech of the X8 M. The rumormill churned out that the M8 CSL could deliver up to 700 horsepower from a combination of a six-cylinder 3.0 liter unit and electric motors. The future GT could also go on a weight loss diet, with carbon fiber elements inside and out, and a potential removal of the rear seat bench.

2022 makes sense as the reveal time since BMW M is celebrating 50 years of its existence and we’ve already heard about several special models being in works.

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