The new BMW M4 has divided the fanbase; there are those that like its design and those that don’t. However, there’s one thing neither side can deny — the new M4 is more aggressive looking than ever before. Its massive front grille, large air intakes, and hood bulges make it a much angrier looking car than its predecessor. So what will it look like if an even angrier, more aggressive models debuts, a model such as a BMW M4 CSL?

In these new rendered photos, we get to see what a potential BMW M4 CSL might look like, if BMW decides to go down that route. We know a special edition, more focused model will happen eventually but we don’t know what it will be or what it will look like.

This render adds a new lower front lip, more aggressive side skirts, a larger lip spoiler, and a bigger rear diffuser. It also sits on gold Style 763 wheels, which are what you’ll find on the BMW M2 CS and they look great in every application. Apart from those additions, this BMW M4 CSL render doesn’t look too different from the standard M4 but we doubt the real car will be that subtle. If the standard M4 looks like it wants to bite your face off, a more hardcore, sharpened version is going to look downright cannibalistic, like Hannibal Lecter with a kidney grille-shaped restraint mask. So I think this render is a bit too reserved to be realistic, even if it is looks pretty good.

When the BMW M4 CSL (or CS) does debut, we do hope that it has the same impact as its predecessor. The F82 BMW M4 CS and M4 GTS are fantastic looking cars and one that I think a of enthusiasts are going to be searching for on the second-hand market for many years to come.

[Renderings: @magnus.concepts]