The new G42 BMW 2 Series unveil is just around the corner. In early June, BMW will unveil their second generation 2 Series which, of course, will set the base for the upcoming G87 BMW M2. Naturally, BMW is hard at work testing the new “Baby-M” which, according to our sources, will be one of the most fun BMWs to drive. These latest spy photos from Germany show the aggressive rear-end design of the new M2 with its now iconic, and larger than ever, rear fenders.

We can immediately see that the BMW M2 will retain its muscular looks. We notice the flared rear wheel arches, the swollen front wheel arches, and its lowered ride height. The new chassis of the 2022 BMW 2 Series features a longer wheelbase (51 mm), wider wheel track (52 mm/31 mm — front/rear), so we expect the M2 to be slightly larger than its predecessor. The new G42 2 Series also features an increase in negative front camber, stiffer rear subframe bushings, and a 12-percent increase in torsional rigidity. It still maintains a front/rear weight balance of close to 50/50. All of those ingredients will be spiced up for the M2 G87 model.

Speaking of spicing up things, the fantastic S58 motor from the M3/M4 will also make its way into the G87 M2. The engine will almost certainty be detuned to under 450 horsepower. Not only would BMW not want to overshadow the M3 with its M2, the shorter, smaller M2 might struggle for traction with any more power. The new BMW M2 Competition has 405 horsepower even it’s a handful.

Some lessons from the new 2 Series will be applied as well. For the G42, the aerodynamics were improved and front-end lift was reduced by 50-percent. Optimization of the front splitter, air curtain, turning vanes, and even the fuel tank cover have all played a part in reducing front-end lift, which will in-turn create better front-end grip, better turn-in, and sharper responses.

So the road is paved for the G87 M2 and it’s likely to be the best M2 ever made!

[Photos: @tobi_borger]