The next generation BMW 2 Series – codename G42 – will be unveiled in the next few months. The start of production is scheduled for late Summer 2021 and it will be join the assembly line in Mexico. Naturally, the new 2 Series will also span an M model – The G87 M2. We’ve already seen spy photos of the upcoming compact and fun sports coupe, but today we get to learn its production date.

According to sources, the G87 BMW M2 will enter production in December 2022 leaving more than a year gap between models. The F87 M2 is scheduled to finalize its production later this summer. Furthermore, the G87 M2 might also join the 2 Series coupe at the San Luis Potosi Plant.

Photos: @joelre98

When the next-gen BMW M2 debuts, it will likely have a version of the BMW M3’s S58 engine but it will almost certainty be detuned to under 450 horsepower. Not only would BMW not want to overshadow the M3 with its M2, the shorter, smaller M2 might struggle for traction with any more power. The new BMW M2 Competition has 405 horsepower even it’s a handful.

However, we’re a bit nervous that it might also come with an eight-speed ZF automatic. While brilliant, the smooth ZF8 doesn’t really fit well with the hooligan nature of the M2. But considering that BMW M is moving towards automatic transmission, the DCT might be gone from the lineup.

Design wise, the new BMW M2 will have larger grilles than before but not oversized grille of the M3 or M4. Instead, it actually looks as if BMW is going wider with the grilles for the M2 and 2 Series, rather than going more vertical with the 4 Series/M3/M4.

Inside, we expect an all-new digital dashboard, along with plenty of carbon fiber bits. The question remains whether BMW will also include carbon fiber buckets seats. For now,  we can’t wait to see this M2 in action when it finally debuts, as it’s going to be the last of its kind.

[Photos: @joelre98]