This past weekend, BMW granted a special access to the Secrets of the Supercars show. The Sunday, May 2nd on UKTV’s Dave Channel took us behind the scenes of the super secretive BMW Protection Vehicle division. For 40 years, BMW has designed and developed a series of armored vehicles. Secrets of the Supercars took viewers behind the scenes for an exclusive look at manufacturing and testing of the BMW X5 Protection VR6 at the BMW Protection facility in Munich, Germany.

The footage showcases the extensive process to build a car that can withstand sustained enemy attack whilst keeping occupants safe. The vehicle was also put to the test on track and at the shooting range, providing viewers with unique insight into how it achieves its industry-leading safety certification. The BMW X5 Protection VR6 shields occupants with approximately 30 mm thick multi-layer safety glass that features an internal polycarbonate splinter protection layer. Combined with the armored passenger compartment, post-blast-protection, leak-resistant fuel tank and run-flat tires, the BMW X5 Protection VR6 can safeguard against attacks from short-range and long-range weapons.

The combination of armor-plated bodywork and security glazing facilitates effective protection against attacks by handguns and long firearms using ammunition up to a calibre of 7.62 × 39 FeC or 7.62 × 39 SC respectively, as used in weapons of the type AK-47, a most commonly used weapon in the world. Furthermore, the armored passenger compartment withstands lateral blasts of up to 15 kilograms of TNT from a distance of four meters.

Innovative so-called Post Blast Protective Technology for the security glazing ensures particularly effective protection against secondary attacks. Even following a blast, all windows remain firmly in position, thus eliminating any formation of gaps between glazing and body. The armor-plated floor offers protection against hand grenades of the type DM51. Enhanced underbody reinforcement comprising fibre composite materials, which also withstands attack by hand grenades of the type HG85, is optionally available.

The range of security upgrades is quite extensive and we’ve covered it in a previous article which you can read here. International broadcast dates across Europe and other territories will follow, so stay tuned!