As surprising as it may sound, for as big of a Youtube channel the guys from Savagegeese have, they didn’t get the chance to sample the G20 3 Series generation so far. Today was the big day, apparently, as they finally released their review of the brand new 2021 BMW 3 Series, namely a 330e of all models. The plug-in hybrid version is definitely not for everyone but the review they put together doesn’t get stuck on this particular version either.

Instead, this is more of a holistic approach, covering the new 3 Series as a whole and it’s not really filled with surprises. As they point out, BMW had plenty of time to refine the 3 Series recipe over the last 40 years so the current model looks and feels so good and predictable in every way that you might consider it boring. And yet, there’s a certain reassurance in that boredom, you find it comforting and reliable, knowing that everything behaves in a certain way.

As for the 330e side of things, according to them, it wouldn’t really make sense in the Midwest, where distances are rather long and the limited electric range could be insufficient. However, the 330e will bring that fun factor up, if you’re one of those people who actually likes to drive. The instant torque from the electric motor, along with plenty of power from the internal combustion unit as well as the rear-wheel drive setup make it fun to drive.

Some people might not agree with everything about the car, as one of the guys points out. The interior could be better in his regard, as well as the materials used but that’s all a very different discussion, as most people would agree premium cars might not be worth the extra money. But for those interested in a good driving experience, there’s just no better choice out there right now.