BMW is preparing its future GT3 racer as we speak. Development of the upcoming M4 GT3 kicked off a while back and the car is entering its final testing stage. The new racing car is expected to hit race tracks around the world in 2022. Since the beginning of 2021, the M4 GT3 covered no less than 12,000 kilometers in its various testing scenarios, on the race tracks of Monteblanco and Almeria, in Spania, where the weather was good enough for such purposes.

The main goal of the development of the new M4 GT3 is to offer a better overall package compared to the outgoing M6 GT3 car. Once launched, the new model will become the flagship of the BMW M Motorsport division so you already know it has to rise to pretty steep standards. An entire army of drivers has already been involved in the process and names like Augusto Fargus, Martin Tomczyk and Marco Wittmann are on the list, as well as Jesse Krohn, Jens Klingmann, Nick Yelloly and many others.

“There was a really good atmosphere among us drivers during the last test drives because we were able to complete a lot of laps and we all agree that the BMW M4 GT3 is a lot of fun,” said Klingmann at the end of the week of testing at Almeria. “It is very easy and consistent to drive, which has a positive effect on tire wear and we made progress with the development of lots of systems. Naturally, there are still lots of things to sort out, but the question marks are consistently being replaced with exclamation marks.”

The new car is already showing progress compared to the old M6 GT3. According to BMW, the new M4 GT3 will reduce lifecycle costs and maintenance effort as well as the drivability for professional and amateur racing drivers, in both dry and wet conditions. To this end, the engineers worked extra hard to create a new system that allows them to adjust various parameters of the car without having to connect it to a laptop, via the multifunction steering wheel. This is a premiere in a GT3 car. The end result of all this work should be introduced to the world ahead of the 2022 season.