It’s pretty obvious that MINI is heading into a very eco-friendly direction. Last year, the company announced it will stop using leather in its cars. This year we learned that BMW plans to make MINI an all-electric brand in the near future. While just today, the Brits introduced their latest lifestyle collection which is made using eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton. As usual, their products cater to a wide audience but they are mainly geared towards fans of the brand.

Since MINI is a premium brand these days, the products announced today are also to be considered ‘premium’. A clear and straightforward design, clever details, high-quality workmanship, and a choice of materials characterized by sustainability are the hallmarks of the MINI lifestyle collection in general. There is a wide range of products that are produced in particularly environmentally friendly manufacturing processes or made from recycled materials.

MINI also says that the design and quality of the products should make them timeless and, of course, the less we make and throw away, the more sustainable we are. The visual highlights are set with fresh colors and a new design theme. Features of the current MINI models are used on the products of the MINI Lifestyle Collection 2021. These include the Island Blue color variant, the Energetic Yellow characteristic of the MINI Electric and, above all, a dynamic color gradient that is unmistakably inspired by the new Multitone Roof of the MINI models.

The collection can be checked out in the photo gallery below and includes women and men T-shirts in various colors and design combos, kids clothing, jackets, gift sets, accessories, umbrellas, notebooks (made using stone paper), pillows, keyrings and, of course, bags and suitcases. You can find the new collection at selected MINI dealers and prices will vary depending on the country you’re in or ordering from.