Back in the 1980s the automotive landscape was a lot different than what we have to deal with today. Cars could have sharp edges, for example, and one of the famous models that made history with its sleek design with such a feature was the BMW E24 M6. The ‘shark nose’ feature made it stand out wherever it went and it wasn’t the only car to have it infused in its genes. A lot more was happening as well.

As incredible as it may seem, back in those days, the US regulations regarding tailpipe emissions were stricter than the ones used in Europe. Therefore, certain cars sold there had to be fitted with an extra catalytic converter. Then there’s the marketing too, as the E24 M6 was a US-only ordeal, the rest of the world having to call their high-performance 6 Series cars ‘M635CSi’. No matter the name though, these cars packed some serious punch. The 3.5-liter straight six under the hood was good for 256 HP and 243 lb-ft of torque and that was far more than what other cars on the streets had back in the 1980s.

So, you can easily see how these E24s still have plenty of sex appeal for a lot of people. Prices for them haven’t exactly exploded but they usually are on the higher side of things. Not this one though. Currently on auction at Bring-A-Trailer, this 1988 BMW M6 is currently priced at just over $15,000. That’s not a bad deal for such a car but you should know that it has some drawbacks. It has been modified in certain areas and has over 115,000 miles on the clock, which is rather high.

Inside the cabin you’ll notice the add-on audio system which was carefully installed, without cutting into the door panels, for example, as well as the fact that the leather and carpet seem really nice. Furthermore, the car’s engine was modified, with a Miller intake and chip as well as a Supersprint exhaust. That’s a big ‘No No’ for collectors but if you’re not necessarily interested in buying this car to get a profit in a few years, it may be worth your money, if you actually want to drive it and enjoy it.