Take a poll among BMW enthusiasts about the best looking Bimmer of this century and there’s a good chance the winning car will be the BMW M6 Gran Coupe. When it was new, it dropped jaws with its sleek, low-slung design and aggressive attitude. Even today, it looks sensational and is better looking than every BMW currently on sale. The best part about them is that they’re cheap now, as there’s currently one up for auction on Cars and Bids with a price that’s tempting the hell out of me.

At the time of writing this, the 2017 BMW M6 Gran Coupe has just 16 hours left on the auction and the current bid is at $31,000. Considering that a new M8 Gran Coupe (the M6’s successor) will cost you well over $100,000, this seems like a steal. Admittedly, this specific car has been pretty heavily modified, so it might not be for everyone’s taste. Many of its mods certainly aren’t to my taste. However, mods aren’t permanent and can be changed/fixed, so this could be a very cool car to add to your stable.

It helps that it’s a great color combo. Since that generation of BMW has been dead for some time, I forgot how good looking Sakhir Orange is and it works perfectly in contrast with this car’s black interior. On the outside, it looks mostly stock, save for its lowered ride height thanks to the Dinan suspension and handling kit. Considering there are few people in the world who know how to tune BMW suspension better than Steve Dinan, this car probably handles pretty well.  It’s also been de-catted and given Akrapovic downpipes, so it should sound significantly better tan the old car.

Inside, the interior is mostly great, save for the rear headliner stripe and the red accents on the steering wheel. I can live with the headliner but those red bits on the steering wheel need to go. Thankfully, it looks like the wheel rim itself was modded, with some of its padding pulled out and the leather replaced with Alcantara. BMW steering wheels have been obnoxiously thick for years, so it’s nice to see one get slimmer.

Under the skin is an Eventuri cold air intake, CSF Intercoolers, racing clutch, a stage 2 tune, and even methanol injection. So it’s probably a rocket ship, as the standard car was already fast.

Whoever buys this car is getting something genuinely cool, even if they don’t like the modifications. They can always be modified off the car, so don’t fret. Plus, it’s the best looking BMW of this century and it’s hard to put a price tag on that.

[Source: Cars and Bids]