Patrik, the owner of this beautiful BMW M635CSi, bought it 14 years ago, calls it the second love of his life and he plans to own it for the rest of his life! But because the lack of funds and the lack of a proper garage to work in, the initial rebuild process took three years and only then could Patrik take to the streets in his “new” M635CSi. He did most of the work on the car himself, except for the engine rebuilt and the new paint job.

Beside restoring it to its original form, a few things were added to the car in order to make it ever more beautiful and usable than before. Take for example those beautiful 16” BBS Rs wheels that suit the car very well and the XYZ coilovers which are a welcomed addition made to increase the driving characteristics of the E24.

The engine has also been worked on and thanks to the custom stainless steel exhaust it now sounds ever more godly than before. And finally, to complete the look of the car, Patrik added some original M Technik stripes to the outside. Lovely stuff!

Riding shotgun in a BMW M635CSi is quite the experience. The car feels raw, stripped down, almost race car like, you hear every sound it makes and you can feel everything that’s going on beneath you, even as a passenger. And is that interior gorgeous or not? It’s the original cabin of the car and after all these years it looks just like it came out of the factory.

Even though it’s in a very good condition, this car is not a garage queen. Granted, the winters in Sweden are a bit longer than in other countries, so it will spend a fair bit of time “behind bars”, but during the Summer it gets driven a lot. About 2,000 km per season, to be exact, and yes, this beautiful M635CSi loves track days. Patrik even used the car to take his racing driver exam in it!

Now if that isn’t a proper way of using this car, I don’t know what is.