Premium cars demand a certain amount of customization to be offered to prospective customers. Being able to build your car to your exact specifications is one of the elements that make a premium offering. And the BMW X5 and BMW X7 are definitely within that category. As usual, before the new quarter kicks off, BMW announced a set of upgrades for its line-up and a number of add-ons in the configurators, including a bunch of new Individual Paint options.

For the BMW X5 and X7 models, the list is getting rather long and that’s great. Starting this March, the list of paint colors available for the X5 and X7 will include the following: Sepia Violet Metallic, Frozen Deep Grey Metallic, Atlantis Metallic, Macadamia Metallic, Midnight Sapphire Metallic, Orinoco Pearl Metallic, San Marino Blue Metallic, Malachite Dark Green Metallic, Verde Ermes Pearl Metallic, Brass/Messing Metallic, Zanzibar Metallic, Lime Rock Grey Metallic, Gunmetal Metallic, Ruby Black Metallic, British Racing Green, Ruby Red Metallic, Petrol Mica, Avus Blue Metallic, Grigio Telesto Pearl Metallic and Frozen Black Metallic.

Most of them will be available as part of the Individual catalogue but the pricing will differ, depending on your choice. For the most part, you’ll have to pay $1,950 for one of these but there are a few that might cost a bit more. If you’re looking for a new X5 or X7 this year and want to see these colors applied to them before committing, you’re in luck as the BMW Individual Vizualizer is here to help. All you have to do is check this link out and configure your car the way you want it.

The BMW X5 and X7 will be in for a couple of other upgrades and downgrades too starting this Spring. Both of them lost the M50d engine choice a while back and the xDrive40d models now come with a mild-hybrid setup and a bit more power. Then there’s the xDrive40i model which got a couple of emissions-related changes done to it in Europe and now only has 333 HP compared to the 340 HP the original versions had. US-spec models are exempt from this power downgrade.