The BMW 128ti seems, to some extent, like BMW’s way of admitting that 1 Series customers are looking for some additional fun behind the wheel. The new 1 Series is now more like the Volkswagen Golf than ever and the lines between the two models are getting blurred more every day. When it comes to the 128ti in particular, most enthusiasts out there consider it to be a proper rival for the GTI Clubsport model from Wolfsburg.

If the top dog M135i xDrive could be considered a rival for the Volkswagen Golf R, with the power output and all-wheel drive system taken into account, the 128ti would take on the less powerful, front-wheel drive only model otherwise known as the GTI around the world. The BMW does have the upper hand in terms of power and it has plenty of it under its belt, 265 PS to be more precise.

The 128ti is getting ready to arrive in dealerships around the world and it will be interesting to see whether customers won’t actually prefer it over the more powerful M Performance model, that also comes with a hefty price premium. That actually may be the main differentiator in the end, as 265 HP will be enough for most people. Furthermore, most drivers don’t really care about where the power goes so the lack of all-wheel drive might not make a difference.

The UK people decided to put together a photo shoot with the new model, to mark its arrival in the world. The result can be admired in the gallery below and there are definitely plenty of great pics to choose from, in case you needed anything for your desktop’s wallpaper or maybe even your phone.