The BMW M2 CS seems like the brand’s darling right now. It is getting incredibly good reviews, winning various awards around the world and is widely accepted by the enthusiasts as the best car BMW has to offer. Therefore, messing with the recipe might be a tricky thing. Sure, some would say there’s no such thing as ‘too much power’ but you need to remember, when it comes to great driving cars, balance is important.

And that balance might’ve been offset by what Manhart did when they created their own M2 CS model. This special coupe is now basically a race car for the road. The so-called MH2 GTR features engine upgrades, aero upgrades and a special livery. From the outside, the livery will be the one to catch your eye first, followed by the carbon fiber bits added to mix, like the massive side gills or the huge wing at the back.

Under the hood you’ll find that the S55 3-liter straight six engine has been upgraded to deliver no less than 600 HP and 830 Nm of torque, an increase of 30 percent compared to the stock numbers. That upgrade didn’t just take a new ECU map but also a new stainless steel exhaust, a new cold air intake, a new set of turbos and a new intercooler, all in the hopes of keeping everything under control. Finally, the suspension was changed out too, following the work putt in by Manhart and H&R.

All things considered, one can hardly call this a BMW M2 CS anymore, as almost everything was either changed or upgraded on this car, in the most important areas. Our guess is that if you go in with a BMW M2 Competition, the guys from Manhart will be able to turn it into an MH2 GTR provided you’re willing to pay. Speaking of which, the price tag for the complete package is €18,907 to which you have to add the price of the car.