When the MINI JCW GP was first announced, we had such high hopes for it. Not only did it look great but it had a monster engine for such a small car and was supposed to be the most hardcore, extreme MINI ever made. And while that’s technically true, the GP never lived up to its hype. While it’s a fun car and does have charm, it has far too flawed to reach its true potential. However, some new AC Schnitzer parts seem to be aimed at fixing its major issues and could allow it to reach that very potential.

For starters, AC Schnitzer developed a new coilover suspension with KW to help fix one of the GP’s main issues. While track-oriented cars are supposed to be firm, the MINI JCW GP is so stiff on the road it makes you wonder if its shocks are made from granite. However, new coilovers from AC Schnitzer and KW have been designed with three-way adjustability (height, damper and rebound) and are said to improve both handling and ride comfort. Music to our ears.

Another major upgrade from AC Schnitzer, with help from Drexler Motorsport, is a new limited-slip front differential. While the MINI JCW GP already has a LSD at the front axle, you wouldn’t notice while driving it. The GP has the most violent torque steer we’ve ever felt in a vehicle, throwing the car side to side under full throttle acceleration. In fact, even at speed on the highway, if you step on the go-pedal the MINI JCW can almost jump lanes at times, which is genuinely terrifying.

The new AC Schnitzer/Drexler front differential has been designed to not only improve traction through corners but also limit torque steer. Hopefully, it can keep the latter to a minimum, by putting its power down more evenly, thus reducing the tug at the steering.

Of course, AC Schnitzer also added some style. So it gets new 19″ wheels as well as a very cool aluminum cover for the iDrive selector. To be honest, though, the MINI JCW GP needs very little aesthetic upgrading, as it’s already outrageous looking in the best of ways.

If you’re a MINI JCW GP owner, you’ll likely notice that it has some of these issues. If you’ve been wondering whether or not you can fix them, wonder no more. AC Schnitzer has a long history of improving BMW Group products and we’d trust them to get it right. Especially when partnered with great brands like KW and Drexler. Check them out.