The new M3 and M4 models were unveiled last year but we will only have a chance to drive in the upcoming months. Until then though, BMW is slowly sharing some bits and pieces with us. The video below gives us some insights into the developing process, courtesy of James Thompson, BMW UK Product Manager.

Compared to the previous generation M3 and M4 models, the new versions are quite different. From the controversial exterior design to the all-wheel drive system, there’s a lot to unfold. Engine-wise, we’re still entertained by a 3-liter straight six mill with twin turbocharging. According to James, the new models are softer on the road and harsher on the track compared to the old F8x generation M cars which should be exactly what the customers asked for.

2021 bmw m4 toronto red 08 830x553

The carbon seats also get mentioned and and they seem to blend comfort with good support on all sides. The guys claim they are the best mix of those two attributes but we will be the judge of that. The brakes are brand new too, as the M3 and M4 models will get the same brake by wire system first introduced on the M8. That means you’ll be able to adjust the brake feel to your preferred setting, with more or less initial bite.

It all sounds very interesting in theory but we can’t wait to see how these two match up to the very high expectations we have from them. The new M3 and M4 models will have their work cut out, especially considering how a lot of people reacted to their new designs.