The new generation BMW M3 and M4 will have an extensive selection of variants. The high-selling M brothers will feature no less than  four different versions of each model: the standard M3/M4, the Competition models, the CS and the top of the lines, CS. The previous generation F80 stopped at the CS, but the M4 was offered in the track-ready GTS. The G80 M3 CS and G82 M4 CS are expected to arrive in 2022, along with the M3 Touring.

But even before the market launch of the new M3, rendering artists have started to “pen” the CS version. Thanks to the Photoshop design by @bmw43__, we get to see what the potential M3 CS might look like. Similar to the previous CS models, the additional power is not the full story, even though we expect at least 525 horsepower on tap. The CS models have always refined the Competition variants, mostly through software tuning, and some aero upgrades.

The photoshoped image shows new headlights with yellow corona rings, similar to those on the M8 First Edition models or the M8 GTE racing car. The sideview gives us a look at the bronze-painted wheels, as we’ve seen on the M4 GTS. The rear-end is also likely to feature a more aggressive trunk lip, but without any other major changes. The ECU mapping will definitely be specific to the M3 CS, while the limited slip differential will be tuned up as well.

Historically, the CS models also have a refined interior design. Since the goal of a CS variant is to enhance the sportiness of an existing model, we expect to see plenty of carbon fiber inside, paired with a sportier steering wheel and some unique leather and trim combinations.

Of course, the M3 CSL and M4 CSL will be the pinnacle of the range. So it’s fair to assume that the exterior and interior changes will be significant, along with a weight loss plan. A power bump is also expected: our guess, at least 550 horsepower on tap.