We’ve known for some time that a BMW M5 CS was on its way. It marks the first time BMW has ever made a hardcore stripped out version of the M5. The idea of such a car makes little sense; the M5 is supposed to be fast, fun and comfortable. Stripping stuff out, compromising its comfort, is a bit antithetical to the purpose of an M5. However, seeing how the M2 CS has turned out, we’re excited to see what becomes of the M5 version.

Interestingly, some new parts have seemingly popped up for sale on a Polish auction site. It’s bizarre to see these parts, as we haven’t even seen the official car yet. So where did these parts car from? Making matters even weirder is that the parts are from a US-market car, despite being sold on a Polish site. Confusing matters even further is the fact that the exterior bits are from an LCI M5 and the interior bits are from a pre-LCI car.

If these parts are legitimate, the exterior of the BMW M5 CS won’t look too different than the current M5 LCI, unless they’re missing some added carbon fiber aero. However, the inside seems like it will get an almost entirely Alcantara dashboard, top to bottom. Although, the production car will likely get the LCI m5’s gauges, iDrive screen and the new M Division shift lever.

Our best guess is that these are real M5 CS parts but not from a production car. They’re likely from a pre-production prototype test mule, which was built with leftover interior parts and without the added exterior aero. It’s probably going to get the same treatment as the M2 CS, with some extra carbon fiber aerodynamics and some new bits of trim on the inside. But don’t expect anything too crazy.

We don’t have any official word on this car but we do think it’s a real car. So if you’re hoping for a more extreme M5, check out these photos and check out some of the parts from the upcoming BMW M5.

[Source: Wilco Block — Instagram]