The highly rumored top M5 model is coming in 2021. The BMW M5 CS was spotted several times this year, but BMW has been mum when asked about the prospect of a new CS model. Yet, several insiders have reported on the possibility of a super uber M5 model.

Today, the cat seems to be out of the bag. A usual BMW insider reveals that the M5 CS production will kick off in March 2021 with a production run until February 2022. This goes in line with what we’ve learned in the past about the M5 CS. Furthermore, our own sources said that we shouldn’t expect the CS model to be more than what the CS badge stands for.

In other words, there will be no major changes to the design and most of the updates will focus on ECU and differential tuning, suspension upgrades and some carbon fiber bits. We also expect a new CFRP roof for the new M5 CS to keep the curb weight as low as possible.

The “regular” BMW M5

To further improve the aerodynamic drag on the rear axle, a new carbon fiber spoiler will be installed on the car’s trunk lid. Apart from the this, a set of high-performance ceramic/composite brakes with perforated discs will also be available as an option.

In a nutshell, there is no reason for BMW M to deviate from their product strategy. Most of the M products debut in standard form, followed shortly by a Competition model which sharpens the driving dynamics and offers a bit more oomph. Next on the list of upgrades is a CS model, which it’s usually limited in numbers, and caters to a group of drivers that want the most out of their cars.

Of course, the top dog in the M lineup is always a CSL/GTS model which is really a track car that could be driven on the road as well. Will all M vehicles follow the same strategy? No! This is why the BMW M5 CS will be the single high-end model of the range.