Prices of BMW E30 M3 models have been steadily on the rise for the last several years and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. Just the other day a BMW E30 M3 was sold at auction on Bring-a-Trailer for six figures, $104,000 to be more precise. The car is looking great and has a couple of tricks up its sleeve to make people pay more but still, considering the times we’re living, is this a fair price or not?

The car is a 1991 model and hails from Manhasset, New York. It has a clean Carfax report and clean New York title so it looks like an ideal buy at first glance. It’s also wearing a rather rare shade of red, dubbed Brilliantrot which was pretty rare back in the day but also requires a keen eye to differentiate it from Imola Red or Hellrot. Riding on 15-inch wheels, it’s as stock as they get which is something collectors are looking for when purchasing such a car.

The cabin looks mint and everything is original. From the Natur-colored leather on the seats and door panels, to the floor mats and carpets, everything’s original and looks barely touched. So what’s the trick, then? Well, it has 18,000 miles on the clock. I know that’s not a high mileage car, but it’s not exactly mint either, especially for an E30 M3. Therefore my question about its price tag and whether it’s justified or not.

What’s most interesting is that this exact car was sold on Bring-A-Trailer before, last year. This gives us a chance to see just how much these cars appreciate over time. Back in June 2019, this E30 M3 was sold for $75,000. Yesterday, the seller walked away with $104,000.

That’s a cool $29,000 profit in just over a year. Is this trend going to continue? Most likely, with new names added to the list of appreciating cars every time a new electric car is announced.