The times has come for two internet darlings in the automotive community to finally star in the same video. I’m referring, of course, to the iconic BMW E30 M3 and the one and only Doug DeMuro. The big guy finally got his hands on a mint BMW E30 M3 and had some confessions to make, declaring this car as his all-time favorite BMW. That’s a pretty big claim, especially since he previously said the 1M Coupe was his number one choice.

As for the rest of the video, he goes over everything in his particular style. Starting with the design, it’s kinda hard not to appreciate the E30 generation, be it an M3 or not. It had a simple shape, one that wrote history with those twin, round headlamps up front. The M3 was a bit more special with its flared fenders and different bumpers and it was just better overall. Moving inside, the cabin will look like what you could expect from a car of that era, only on the premium side of things.

The seats have leather on the sides and everything feels nice and sturdy. There’s even an on-board computer included, right above the rear-view mirror. It’s an early version but it was cutting-edge back then, checking for faults. To use it, there was a check button on it, which, once pressed, it would verify the functions of the car. Whichever light stayed on, pointed to a fault. Another things that definitely made a mark on Doug was the turn signal stalk. I’ll let him explain why.

As for the driving, I think nobody can be surprised by what Doug says. The E30 M3 is not necessarily a fast car by today’s standards but then again, speed can also be a feeling and when driving one, you feel absolutely awesome. It’s a great way to remind yourself just how important balance and weight are on a great handling car. Check out the video for more details.