If you saw the now-famous E30 M3 that sold for as much as a house and felt as if you’d missed your chance to buy it, there’s another low-mileage BMW E30 M3 up for auction now on BMWBLOG Bids.

The car actually comes from Enthusiast Auto Group, the well-known BMW restoration shop. This specific car is a 1991 BMW E30 M3 in Brilliant Red over tan leather interior. It has 26,813 miles on the odometer and seems to be in great condition, with no visible blemishes to either the exterior or interior.

Under the hood is a stroked version of the standard 2.3 liter four-cylinder engine, with its displacement bumped to 2.5 liters. The original engine made just under 200 horsepower but we don’t know what this stroked engine makes. That engine is paired with a six-speed manual gearbox and sends power to only the rear wheels.

The only other modifications to the car are its stainless steel brake lines and remote switches for manual fan control and ABS disabling. Everything else on the car is original; all body panels, wheels and lights are all as they were when the car was new in 1991. The car is even still running its stock suspension and engine accessories.

This specific car was also part of the “SC Collection”, which featured one E30 M3 in every color it came in from the factory and is one of the last E30 M3s ever made, being a 1991 model year. Over the years it’s had two owners, with the second owner having as part of said SC Collection.

The second owner also drove it a bit, adding most of its miles. It’s been garage-kept its entire life, and only driven in good weather, so it’s completely rust-free and has never seen snow, road salt or any sort of harsh weather.

For any prospective buyers, this BMW E30 M3 has its full service history and even the original window sticker.

Bidding for this BMW E30 M3 starts now and will last seven days. At the moment, all bids will just be offers to EAG and the highest offer will be put in contact with them.

Being the highest bid, doesn’t guarantee that EAG will accept the top offer. EAG has the right to further negotiate the price with you directly. If EAG and the highest bidder agree on the price, the payment arrangements will be handled by EAG and the buyer.