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Is the BMW E92 M3 a good long-term investment?

Looking at how auto sales have evolved in 2020, it looks to us like we’re getting closer to an all-electric future at a faster pace than anticipated. BMW announced that sales of its electrified cars…

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Low-Mileage BMW Z3 M Coupe Sells for Big Money

I blame the E30 BMW M3. Ever since that one E30 M3 sold for more money than the average American home, prices of classic BMWs have begun skyrocketing. So now if you want a cool…

2001 BMW E39 M5 is asking for 44,500 Euros. Worth it?

Is This 156,000-Mile BMW Z8 Worth $125,000?

Prices for some of BMW’s most iconic models have gone through the roof lately. Even older M cars, not necessarily rare or special editions, are now on the rise, like the E36 M3 and even…

Video: BMW M1 AHG Studie Asking for $930,000

The BMW M1 is the one car that started it all and the sole model in BMW’s history which can be described as a “supercar”. Developed in collaboration with Lamborghini, the M1, as the name…

Is now the time to buy a BMW 2002?

The classic car market is weird. Out of the blue, certain cars that were always quite cheap suddenly sky-rocket in price. Demand increases, enthusiasts start collecting and, viola, the car is now worth a ton….