Now that the embargo for the new 4 Series has lifted, the floodgates have opened and reviews are pouring out. Which means, by now, you’ve probably already seen one or two video reviews of the new 4er. This one, though, is just about the most in-depth look at the newest BMW coupe you’ll find. So if you really want to get into the nitty-gritty, this is the video for you.

This new video from Autogefühl walks you through just about everything you need to know about the new 4 Series and also compares both the BMW 430i and M440i. Ironically, those will be the only models available in the US market, despite this being a German video. But the video will take you through both cars’s designs, their interiors, performance and handling.

Videos like this are incredibly helpful for potential customers, as it goes into great detail about each car, which options they have/don’t have and which options are worth it. For instance, there’s an option on the BMW M440i to have a Sensatec upper door trim, which isn’t available on the 3 Series. Also, the 4 Series has a nice soft-opening cubby under the dashboard, where most people keep their sunglasses. Little touches like those differentiate the 4 Series from the 3 Series as a more premium car.

Make no mistake, the 4 Series has become a more upmarket car than the 3 Series. BMW seems to have positioned the new 4er as more of a GT car, rather than a sportier version of the 3 Series. Now, if you want a sportier coupe, you get the upcoming 2 Series. If you want a more premium, baby-GT, you get the 4 Series. Especially in BMW M440i-spec, which is shockingly fast.

If you’re interested in buying the new BMW 4 Series, this video will certainly help your decision. If you’re just a fan of BMW and want to get a bit closer to the new 4 Series before you see it on the road, this video works, too. Check it out.