The guys from AC Schnitzer are among the oldest in the business when it comes to tuning BMWs. They’ve been doing it for such a long time, they have become the ultimate masters at squeezing more power from under the hood of Bavarian models. Furthermore, their products are among the very few that also come with warranty. And no model is ‘safe’ out there, the German tuner offering packages for almost the entire range.

Under review in the video below we have the upgraded AC Schnitzer Z4 model. As you might be aware, the latest Z4, in its most powerful guise, comes with a B58 engine that’s good for 340 HP. That straight six on a car this small turns it into a proper pocket rocket and it is tons of fun, especially since – unlike other cars fitted with the same engine – it only comes in RWD guise. Get some added power from AC Schnitzer and off you go!

Their kit takes things up to 400 HP. An extra 60 ponies might not be considered ‘a huge increase’ by many but it is enough to keep things from blowing up under the hood and make a noticeable change in the car’s behavior. The video shows how such a tuned model accelerates. There’s a trick though: we’re not checking how it performs from standstill but rather from 100 km/h (62 mph) onwards. Why?

It’s rather simple, to be honest. Being a rear-wheel drive car, putting those 400 horses down does become a bit of an issue, especially when launching. Therefore, the 0-100 km/h (62 mph) sprint wouldn’t be a lot faster than in the standard model but, once you get going, the speed piles up at a rapid pace. That said, check out the video and let us know whether this would satisfy your acceleration needs.