We’ve seen plenty of drag races featuring the new BMW X3 M Competition. However, somehow, we didn’t get to see the M SUV against a Tesla. Well, that issue has been solved now by the guys over at Edmunds. They set up a drag race between the BMW, a Tesla Model Y Performance Performance (no, really, that’s its name) and the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S Coupe. I know the Merc should be pitted against the X4 M Competition but there’s no reason for such splitting hairs right now, both cars use the same powertrains, be it in coupe or ‘regular’ flavors.

This is also the first time I saw an X3 M Competition perform so badly. Yes, I might’ve ruined your viewing pleasure but something definitely felt off here. I’ve seen the X3 M Competition going against the GLC 63 S and that’s not how things went down.

There’s just too much speed difference between them. I’m not saying the AMG couldn’t win, I’m just saying that the two should be a lot closer. Therefore, I choose to blame the driver and the overly-complicated M Setup – even though configuring M cars has gotten a lot easier recently.

As for the specs, they are pretty much straightforward but what’s interesting is that we get to see three different approaches in one race. The BMW uses a straight six, the Merc a V8 while the Tesla is, of course, electric. The X3 M Competition has 503 HP at its disposal, as does the AMG.

The Model Y is the Performance model and is fitted with the Performance package on top of that. Therefore, it should be making around 500 HP and 500 lb-ft of torque. Albeit nobody really knows how much it is.

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Since the Model Y is an EV, has all-wheel drive and is also somehow lighter than the other two cars, I expected it to simply shoot away from standstill. The thing is, the AMG was faster a couple of times off the line. Interesting, to say the least, especially since the Tesla has instant torque. The Merc actually even managed to win a drag race. Impressive stuff.