Some enthusiasts are still not sold on the Coupe-like SUVs which can be quirky looking. However, they sell well so we understand why they’re made. The question is, though, which of these two uber-fast, coupe-like SUVs is actually better looking — the brandy-new BMW X4 M Competition or the Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S Coupe?

The AMG has been out for awhile now and it followed the lead of the first-gen BMW X4. Though, the AMG was the first one to pack a monster performance engine under the hood. Now, with BMW’s second effort, the X4 has its own proper performance variant and it’s packing just as much power. The BMW X4 M Competition makes 503 hp (510 PS) from its twin-turbo 3.0 liter I6. While the Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S Coupe makes 502 hp from its 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8.

Though, we’re not here to compare power and performance. No one outside of BMW has driven the X4 M just yet, so we can’t comment on which is better. However, we can comment on which one looks better. So let’s check out who rocks the mullet best.

We already spoke about the BMW X3 M versus the regular AMG GLC63 and, up front, these two cars are basically the same. Personally, I feel that the AMG is the more handsome car but I can understand why some enthusiasts will choose the X4. The Bimmer is a bit more aggressive and exciting, while the AMG is more subtle and less fussy. Which is why I give it the edge. Just.

It’s in profile where these two cars differ most from their standard SUV counterparts. Though, the barely differ from each other. It’s commonly said that German automakers consistently piggy-back off of each other’s car styles, ideas and even designs. These two cars prove that point, as their silhouettes are nearly identical. The biggest difference between the two cars is that the BMW X4 M sports more aggressive lines in its body work and a cool little roof spoiler. So the Bimmer looks more athletic and aggressive so, since these cars are designed to be sporty, that gives it the nod here.

Looking at these cars from the back, the BMW X4 M gets the win. It’s not exactly pretty but it’s better looking than the dumpy Mercedes. I’ve gone on record saying I really like Mercedes’ current design language — except at the rear. All modern Mercs look like they’re melting from behind and this GLC63 is no different. It just looks sad, while the X4 M looks sportier and more interesting. Though, it’s a bit dumpy in its own right.

As with their regular SUV counterparts, their interiors are a wash. Each has its own pros and cons. For instance, the AMG’s steering wheel looks great, it has fantastic and easy to read analog gauges and its design is much less fussy. Though, its column shifter is awful, its infotainment system looks ancient and it’s a bit dull. While the BMW X4 M has a more modern cabin, its tech is far superior and its seats are superb. However, its cabin is a bit fussy looking, its digital gauges have too much going on and there’s not enough pizzazz to make it seem like a proper M cabin. So it’s a bit of a wash.

In the end, the BMW X4 M Competition is the better looking car overall. It looks better from most angles, has the better interior tech and looks a bit more modern. It’s also more aggressive and that’s what you want in high-performance SUVs with coupe-like styling. The whole point is to stand out and the X4 M Competition does that better. So it wins here.