Tesla Model Y

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Photo Comparison: BMW iX3 LCI vs Tesla Model Y

BMW doesn’t have the best reputation for making sexy electric cars. The BMW i3 was a quirky and interesting looking car but not one many people loved. The new i4 and iX are okay but…

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Photo Comparison: BMW iX xDrive50 vs Tesla Model X

The BMW iX wasn’t exactly met with enthusiasm from the Bavarian fanbase. Its tech specs are impressive, its interior is fabulous, and its pricing is competitive. But its exterior design is polarizing, to say the…

Photo Comparison: BMW iX vs Tesla Model Y

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Photo Comparison: BMW iX3 versus Tesla Model Y

This all-new BMW iX3 that just made its official debut is a big deal for the Bavarian brand. Not only is it the first all-electric BMW since the i3 back in 2014 but it’s the…

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2019 Tesla Model Y SUV to take on Electric BMW X3

Tesla just released what could be one of the most important cars on the automotive market — the Tesla Model 3. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a soft release, with only a handful of people…