The BMW iX3 is the latest electric vehicle offered by the German car maker, and the first ever full-electric SUV. That said, it’s obvious it will be coming with all the latest technologies BMW has to offer, including from the connectivity department. The video below offers some insight into what to expect when the new iX3 arrives on your driveway. Unfortunately, that won’t happen in the US and, if you live in Europe, you won’t get yours earlier than 2021.

Getting back to the car, one of its main attractions will definitely be the new Digital Key. This feature has been on offer for quite some time now, but only for Android Phones. Starting this year, iPhones are also supporting this functionality which has been further improved.

Whereas in the past you could share your digital key with 5 other people, you can now also customize the key, for certain parameters. For example, if you want to give your kid access, you can limit the car’s horsepower and speed to certain values, to keep him or her safe.

Inside the car, there’s a new graphic design for the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. That’s not all though. The Artificial Intelligence behind it has been upgraded and you can now use even more free-speech commands to get it to do things for you. There are a few examples included in the video below.

The new rules available in the iDrive system are just a new interpretation of a function that has been available for quite some time now. Using them you can automate certain features.

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For example, if the temperature drops under a certain value, the car can activate the heated seats automatically, if you set such a rule. The same goes for higher temperatures and vented seats (if available). There’s plenty to be excited about on the new iX3.