The electric vehicle offensive from BMW is starting next year with three new purely-electric models. The first of them is the BMW iX3, an electric SUV based on the X3 which is supposed to bring electrified BMW models to the masses.

Considering how popular the X3 platform is worldwide – the car being a bestseller – a lot of people are expecting the iX3 to follow the trend.  And it might, but not in the US, as a BMW spokesperson confirmed the car won’t be coming on this side of the Atlantic anytime soon.

One of the reasons could be related to a relatively low electric driving range – estimated to be in the 200 miles range – along with the lack of an all-wheel drive system.

“At this time we do not have plans to bring the iX3 to the U.S. market,” a spokesman confirmed to Automotive News, declining to elaborate on the reasons for the decision.

Other reasons might also include the fact that BMW will have to sell quite a lot of iX3 models in Europe and Asia, as stringent environmental laws demand a rapid drop in CO2 emissions over the next few years. European customers are known to settle for less range on their electric vehicles and the BMW iX3 could become a best seller in both the old-continent and China.

Fret not though, as BMW is not cancelling its plans for the other two EVs planned for launch next year in the US. The BMW i4 and the BMW iNext will arrive on US soil and they are projected to be big sellers since they are expected to have over 370 miles of range.