Now that the new 4 Series has been revealed, and some leaked photos of the M4 have been revealed, we decided to talk to someone who’s owned several BMWs over the years and knows the brand well — Scott Villenueve from Limited-Slip Blog.

Scott has owned many Bimmers over the years, including more than one F80 BMW M3 and now currently owns a BMW M235i Gran Coupe. The latter of which proves that he’s unafraid to put his own money down for a BMW that might stray from the brand’s heritage a bit. It also proves that styling isn’t his main priority, as he willingly admits to its ugliness.

Which is why we thought it perfect to talk to him about the new 4 Series. This new 4er has been subject to much criticism over the past few days, with many fans pouring surprising admiration onto it, while an equal amount of fans flat-out bashing it. It’s a polarizing car, this new 4 Series, so in this new episode, Scott and I break it down, talk about its styling and how it works not only for BMW but in the market.

BMW isn’t the only brand doing big grilles; in fact it’s almost late to the party; but it’s probably the most heavily criticized (Lexus is happy someone else is taking the heat). So why is the BMW 4 Series so heavily criticized while others aren’t? We talk about that, as well has how customers might receive this new design.

We also touch on the new BMW M4, which was leaked a few days ago and showed off its new grille, which looks surprisingly different from the standard 4 Series.

Also, I selfishly ask him about his McLaren 570S. As a huge lover of McLaren, I was dying to pick his brain on his new supercar and ask what it’s like to actually own one and get to drive it regularly.

So have a listen and please leave some feedback and don’t forget to visit Limited-Slip Blog for all sorts of different car reviews.