There are countless videos on the dot-com-machine of social media influencers and YouTubers taking delivery of high-priced exotics. Usually, said influencers and YouTubers are barely old enough to legally drink in most countries, yet they take deliveries of McLarens and Aston Martins on a near-monthly basis.

It’s become exhausting and it’s ruined the specialness of taking delivery of even a modestly cool car. So it’s nice to see when one of these videos actually features a special car that real people can actually aspire to afford. Such as the case in this video from Becky Evans (aka Queen B) who recently took delivery of a Speed Yellow F80 BMW M3.

If you haven’t heard of Evans, she has quite the career. She a bit of a social media influencer as well but also has worked with Red Bull TV, as the host of the Drift Queen series. So not only is she a proper gear-head but she can properly drive and even drift. So she’s not just an “influencer”. She’s also had a passion for BMWs. One of her personal cars, when she isn’t driving McLarens and AMGs, is an E21 BMW 3 Series that she’s modified quite a bit. Now, though, she has a new daily driver and it’s a gorgeous Speed Yellow F80 BMW M3.

BMW M4 Speed Yellow Laguna Seca Blue 06 830x550

Speed Yellow BMW M4 for Color Reference

Now, I’ve gone on record for not loving the F80-gen BMW M3; neither the way it looks, nor the way it drives. I don’t hate it. It’s not a bad car by any means. But it never really gave me that fizz. However, I’m also a sucker for any M3 in a fantastic M-specific color and Speed Yellow is one of the best F80 colors possible.

I miss the days when enthusiasts bought M3s in great colors. I miss the Techno-Violets, Le Mans Blues and Dakar Yellows of the M3 world. I’m sick of Silverstone Metallic and Alpine White; basically the only two colors I see of M3s on the road these days. So the fact that Evans got herself a Speed Yellow BMW M3 is commendable.

While it’s not a Competition Package M3, it does have a lot of cool additional features, on top of the awesome yellow paint. For instance, it has black grilles, carbon mirror caps, some black trim and what sounds like an M Performance exhaust. So it’s got quite a bit of kit added to it. It’s also equipped with the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, which is better suited to that car, especially as a daily. A six-speed manual is fun but, personally, I never loved manuals in modern M cars. They feel too rubbery and vague. So the DCT option is a good choice. Plus, it’s a lot quicker.

Speed Yellow BMW M4 Abu Dhabi 03 e1488273243635 563x750

We applaud Evans for going with such a fabulous color on a car that she’s likely going to enjoy for a long time. In the video, she explains that she’s always wanted an M3, ever since she was a teenager just getting her driver’s license. But she could never afford one until now. Which is what makes this video so much more enjoyable than just seeing another trust-fund YouTuber unboxing their newest Ferrari that they’re only going to turn around and sell in six months. Evens worked hard for a dream car of hers and not only did she finally get one, she got an awesome one.