Today we’re taking a walk down memory lane as I stumbled upon a video that caused some older memories to pop up. Remember when BMW used to make M5 wagons? Remember the E61 M5? That was probably the first wagon supercar, one of the very few that can wear that title without being accused of false advertising. It certainly was one of the most impressive creations to come out of Munich and when it got in the hands of the crazy people from G-Power, it turned into a monster.

If you recall, the G-Power people somehow managed to squeeze not one but two superchargers inside that already stuffed engine bay. As you can imagine, a twin-supercharged 5-liter V10 engine can deliver a lot of performance and that’s what happened here. This was probably the most outrageous project the E61 M5 platform had ever seen.

Mind you, the G-Power people also had a single-supercharger kit, but the Hurricane RR is a completely different beast.

The end result showed a power output of 820 HP and 790 Nm (582 lb-ft) of torque. With those figures, back in the day, nobody could get in front of you on the Autobahn. Since the car is still rear-wheel drive, the acceleration figures to 100 km/h (62 mph) weren’t back breaking because putting the power down was tricky. Still, at 4.4 seconds you can’t really call it slow.

What’s more impressive though is how much further this car could go. As you can see from the footage below, it was capable of reaching 360 km/h (224 mph), numbers that are not easy to reach by today’s supercars. And all of that was done in a wagon!

Photo Gallery: G-Power BMW M8 Has 820 HP, looks amazing

That is one impressive car and everything looked like it meant business. The interior was also overhauled, the steering wheel, the dash, everything. Even the instrument cluster was changed because the original speedometer stopped at 300 km/h while the G-Power one goes up to 400. It wasn’t cheap either. It cost €330,000 when new, a supercar-worthy price tag.

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