Even though we have already seen the leaks of the upcoming facelift the 5 Series range, the BMW marketing bees are still going to go ahead with their launch campaign. After all, they have put too much work in to let it all go down the drain because someone can’t keep a secret. Therefore, BMW published a teaser of its upcoming model online earlier today, showcasing the new LED signature light pattern.

It’s a small step towards seeing the entire new car, and according to our sources that’s going to happen before the end of the month.

By then, the BMW people will surely start praying that no more leaks happen, to keep some sort of element of surprise for fans of the brand. Don’t expect huge changes for the LCI 5 Series, as they are not needed. The car is selling well enough already so BMW won’t be fiddling with the recipe too much.

On the styling front we’ll get new headlights and a slightly reshaped front end as well as new taillights. Inside the cabin we’ll find the new iDrive 7 systems as well as the Professional Live Cockpit for the driver and the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

New paint colors for the exterior and new materials/colors combos will also be used inside. As for the technical side of things, the 5 Series range was updated constantly since the current model was rolled out so don’t expect huge changes.

BMW 5 Series Range to Get New V8 and Hybrid Model This Summer

The refreshed 2021 BMW 5 Series will get all the mild-hybrid choices that were already unveiled, for the 2-liter diesel engine most importantly, as that’s the European workhorse at the moment. Even the M5 LCI will get updated with the new styling elements we’ve seen already in leaked photos.

We’ll also get an M5 CS model, but that’s going to be released towards the end of the year.