Some more photos of the upcoming BMW 5 Series LCI have leaked, showing off even more of the car than before. In fact, these new photos, while a bit low-def, show off some details of individual packages that we haven’t seen before. For instance, we can see close-ups of the front bumper from both the M Sport and standard 5 Series LCI, as well as the headlights and exhausts.

The pre-LCI 5 Series was already a great looking car, one that didn’t need much refreshing. Often times, when car companies try and refresh cars that are already quite handsome, they end up making them worse. However, that’s not the case with this 5er. The new LCI actually looks better and it’s right back into the mix with newer competition from Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Among the updates, it’s the new headlights that stand out. They look far better than the previous non-LCI car’s, being both sportier and more elegant. They’re slick and high-tech looking, which is important when you have to compete with the new Audi A6 and its very slick headlight design. One thing BMW’s Bavarian neighbor proved over a decade ago is that pretty headlights sell cars. I can’t even count how many non-car people I know that say the like Audis because “they have cool lights”. So the more modern headlight design of the new 5 Series LCI is welcome.

In M Sport trim, this new 5 Series looks the business and it builds on an already great looking car. Hopefully BMW updates the interior enough, with some of the newer bits from cars like the 3 Series and X5, to make it seem more modern. For instance, the new Live Cockpit Professional and the new shift lever will both go a long way to making the 5 Series’ cabin seem fresh. I don’t the latter comes, though, as it didn’t on the 7 Series LCI. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to see the official reveal, as we’ll see it by the end of this month.