One of the things that older BMW M cars have going for them is the sleeper look. That’s even more prominent in the E6x models like the V10-powered M5 and M6. The four tailpipes at the back are the only hints that there’s something outrageous lurking under the hood and that makes them perfect sleepers, even in stock guise. The 5-liter heart beating under the hood delivers over 500 HP from the moment it leaves the factory, enough to put a lot of cars to shame.

Only those who really know BMW models can tell the difference between an M6 and every other 6 Series in the E63 range and even then, with some tinkering, differentiation can be difficult.

The car we’re looking at today goes even one step further. Everything on the outside looks bone stock. Just a regular black M6 with the stock wheels on. However, under the hood of this monster hides a supercharger which was installed by the guys from Infinitas.

According to the video description, they call themselves the new G-Power, but that might be a stretch. If this is a G-Power setup though, you know is going to be a good tune. The German tuner is known for its exceptional work on supercharged engines. And for the S85 engine they had quite a few choices, one of which made 650 HP, as this car claims to have. Looking at what comes next, once it reaches an unrestricted Autobahn, you’ll notice that might be understating a bit.

It’s quite incredible how fast this car picks up speed. It does 100-200 km/h (62-124 mph) in just over 7 seconds and it is absolutely blistering fast. It reaches top speeds in the vicinity of 300 km/h (186 mph) with a natural ease that is simply disarming.

And all that while looking bone stock! That’s my definition of a perfect sleeper!