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VIDEO: This E30 M3 Has an S85 V10 Engine Swap

We recently just saw two very different E30 M3 builds that both used Toyota 2JZ engines, which are beloved for their immense tuning potential. This E30 M3 has an engine swap as well but this…

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Which BMW Models Have a V10 Engine?

With all the hype surrounding BMW’s V10 ‘S85’ engine, you’d think the Bavarians were dropping it in everything. It’s one of the most beloved BMW engines of all time, thanks to its high-revving, eardrum-shattering nature….

25 Jahre BMW M5 173 750x500

BMW Made a Top Secret E60 M5 CSL and it Was Nuts

Most BMW fans love the E60-gen M5 for its high-revving, F1-sounding V10 engine. In stock form, it made 500 horsepower and revved to 8,250 rpm, making it one of the most exciting road-car engines ever…

Video: This BMW E46 drift car has an S85 V10 under the hood

This BMW 1M gets a V10 transplant

Six years later and the BMW 1M is still one of the most hyped and talked about cars ever produced by BMW. And that trend is not likely to end anytime soon. Making 340 hp…

BMW 150i with a V10 engine for 507 horsepower

A V10 engine transplant into a small hatchback is a monumental challenge, but the folks over at Smith Performance decided to try the impossible. Using the E87 1 Series hatch as the base platform, the…