It’s about that time again, time for you to hear the soothing sounds of a thirty-year-old man trying hard to hide his awful New Jersey accent, talking about cars. In this week’s episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast, I break down some of the week’s more interesting topics, such as the BMW 4 Series and i4 Concept, the upcoming G82 BMW M4 and the first-ever bespoke M Division product, BMW X8 M.

First up is the BMW 4 Series, as there was a recent render of the upcoming Gran Coupe version that seemed to cause a bit of a stir among BMW enthusiasts. Most fans seem to have a big issue with the new grille design and the render didn’t do much to quite those complaints. If anything, it amplified them. Obviously, it was just a render and not an official image but that didn’t mean much to the pitchfork-wielding mob of the Bavarian-faithful.

Rendering by @zer.o.wt

The next-gen BMW M4 is a bit more interesting, though. While it will also have the same Beaver-Teeth™ grille design as the standard 4 Series, I genuinely think it will be far more acceptable on the M4. Sure, it will still look funky but I feel that the M4 will be good enough to overcome its looks.

Lastly, I want to talk about the BMW X8. We recently discussed the X8, BMW’s recent trademarking of its name and what it will mean for the brand. We also discussed the importance of the X8 for the brand. So like it or not, the X8 is a car we should root for, even if it’s not what we want the M Division to make. This is a topic I really enjoyed discussing because I feel that there are a lot of variables to it, making it a fascinating car for the brand moving forward.

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