Straight from the nightmares of BMW diehard fanboys comes a creation worthy of Freddy Krueger movies. This is one hell of a mix-up between an AMC Hornet and a BMW M Roadster otherwise also known as a Z3 M Roadster. What could possibly lead to such a contraption I do not know but I have to admit it’s an interesting mix but it was up for grabs on Craigslist. By the time we finished covering the story it was already sold.

When I last checked the ad, the price tag said $14,500 which isn’t a hell of a lot of money but then again, the seller certainly was aiming at a very very particular niche. This niche is made up of people who love the styling of an AMC Hornet but didn’t like the way it drove and prefer the underpinnings of a BMW M Roadster.

Interesting mix, right? According to the seller, the car has everything that moves the wheels taken straight from a Z3 M.

BMW Z3 Roadster

That includes the S52 straight-six engine good for 240 HP on US soil, the gearbox and the rear diff along with the suspension, brakes and everything else. The exterior looks in good shape and only the wheels give you the impression something’s off, as they are the stock ones Z3 M models came with back in the 1990s. Once you open the door you’re met with even more BMW goodies, the entire interior being taken straight from a Z3.

As a matter of fact, I think the way this car was done was to swap the body panels of an AMC onto a Z3 M Roadster chassis. If that’s the case, this thing will probably be great to drive as that was the main argument for the Z3 M in the first place.

Even so, it’s an acquired taste as the AMC wasn’t that popular back in the day and it still isn’t the best-looking car on the road today. What’s awesome about it though is that it has a perfect sleeper vibe to it.