It’s no secret that the BMW M135i has a tough life ahead of it considering the rivals it has to beat. Audi just unveiled a new A3 and its S3 model will probably give the BMW a bit of a headache.

Then there’s also the Mercedes-AMG A35, a brilliant car that also has a lot up its sleeve. So how do these three compare? Well, the guys from Chasing Cars managed to get them all together for a proper comparison review.

On the spec side of things, these cars couldn’t be any closer. All of them use 2-liter 4-cylinder petrol engines under the hood, all of them are turbocharged and all of the use FWD-biased all-wheel drive systems with automatic gearboxes.

The BMW has a bit of an edge in the spec wars though as it has 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) of torque compared to the 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of the other two. The S3 is also a bit behind in terms of horsepower, with 300 PS compared to the 306 PS of the other two.

On the inside, the A-Class takes the win thanks to its new MBUX-centered design. It comes with more tech than you need and more customization options than ever. It feels really good and only beats the M135i, according to the reviewer, because the screens offer more choices for the user. The optional front seats also make a huge difference while the rear seats offer more room than in the other two cars.

BMW M135i vs Mercedes-AMG A35 vs MINI Clubman JCW — Autocar

The reviewers are truly going over everything in this rather long review and they cover the driving dynamics of the three cars as well as the practical side of things and so on. In the end though, they had to choose a winner and that was the A35 AMG for a number of reasons, including the dynamics and the looks among other things.

What was surprising though was the fact that the older S3 came in second while the BMW finished last.