New BMW models are slowly becoming drag tools. Thanks to their new M xDrive all-wheel drive system, these cars can hang with some of the best in the business. When it comes to older models though, like the BMW F80 M3 or the M2 Competition, it’s pretty clear these cars were made to go round proper race tracks not just in a straight line. The rear-wheel drive setup also doesn’t help when you have monstrous amounts of power to put down.

In the video below we get to see two such cars in what is known as a speed trap competition. The aim here is to reach the highest speed by the end of the runway. Lining up are some impressive machines, some even fitted with all wheel drive. Not the BMW’s though as we can’t seem to spot an F90 M5 out there or maybe an X3 M Competition. What we do get to check out is far from mundane though.

The BMW F80 M3 is claimed to have 800 HP going to the rear wheels. The engine under the hood is still the 3-liter straight six S55 mill it came with originally but heavily modified. We don’t have any additional details but we can share with you that the M3 covered the 1/4 mile distance in 18.402 seconds and reached a top speed of 267.45 km/h (166 mph), beating the rival Mercedes-AMG C63 S in the process.

Video: BMW M135i xDrive vs Audi S3 Acceleration comparison

Then there’s the BMW M2 Competition. This particular model is also not stock. Instead of the 410 PS it comes with out of the factory, the video claims it now has 560 PS.

With those new numbers it managed to get across the 1/2 mile length in 18.159 seconds with a top speed of 249.3 km/h (154.8 mph). That was a lower top speed than the vastly more powerful M3 but with a faster time. Interesting outcome.