The BMW 4 Series just recently leaked and we’ve been discussing it ad nauseam ever since. Its new grille design is causing quite the stir among BMW enthusiasts, and car enthusiasts of all brands if I’m honest, for its enormous size. So in our latest episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast, could we really talk about anything else?

In this new episode, I do discuss more than just the new 4 Series’ grille but it does take up the majority of the episode. There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to the new 4 Series and its radical new design. So I break it down, why it looks the way it does, why it’s not as bad as many enthusiasts claim and what lies ahead of the future of BMW design. I also point to a comment made by a Jaguar designer, who claimed that most premium brands are trying to go bold by going big and how they don’t have to.

Following the 4 Series grill, I talk about the E65 7 Series. We recently did a buyer’s guide on the E65 and it’s caused an interesting discussion in the comments section. Most fans agree that its styling is rather controversial (although Chris Bangle is probably laughing his ass off reading 4 Series feedback). However, some see the E65 as beautiful. What isn’t debatable is its poor reliability history. The E65 7 Series is one of the least reliable BMWs ever made, if not the very least reliable, and is considered to be an electronic nightmare by previous owners.

Lastly, I talk about the E65’s predecessor, the E38 7 Series and how that car hooked me on the BMW brand when I was very young. It’s not often a two-ton luxury sedan captivates the soul of a child but the big E38 did mine.

Really, though, this episode is mostly 4 Series because it’s the hot topic at the moment and there’s just so much to discuss. So have a listen and remember to leave me some questions for next week’s episode at You can expect a podcast episode from us each week and you can find each episode almost anywhere you can find podcasts. So AppleGoogleSpotifyStitcher and Radiopublic.