I honestly can’t believe how much good press the BMW X3 M Competition is getting. The car has been praised by almost every single journalist out there after its launch and Doug DeMuro is the latest to add his name on the list. In his latest Youtube video, he goes even a bit further, claiming the X3 M Competition is his favorite performance SUV. So what makes this new model from the M division so desirable and loved?

Well, I reckon it has a lot to do with the fact that BMW never offered an M3 wagon and this thing is as close to that concept as it gets. It offers incredible performance along with increased practicality for those people out that that have stuff to carry around. It really offers you the best of both worlds. Whenever you have to carry a lot of luggage and your family for longer hauls, it will be the perfect practical car. When you’re all alone and want to have some fun, it’s right there with you.

With the rise of SUVs and crossovers, the BMW X3 M also arrived at the right time. If BMW was to launch this car in the first, or second generation of the X3, chances are people would’ve reacted differently. By now though, most have gotten used to this body style and don’t really complain about it. The technology evolved too, as Doug points out, the kind of stuff the X3 M Competition is able to do being strongly related to advancements in suspension and engine technology.

According to him, this car is fast and not just in a straight line. The X3 M Competition also proves to be a good handling car, one of the best in the segment and not far off from other performance models in sedan guise. Check out his video for more info.