One of the biggest features BMW unveiled in recent years is, without a doubt, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. However, for the most part, this key bit of tech was rather overlooked by most people. And that’s unfortunate but it does make sense if you think about the moment it came out. A lot of companies are now trying to get this kind of tech off the ground, to allow you to use a personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence.

We’ve seen them for a while and cars have had voice commands for years now, including BMW itself. The problem is, they never really worked as they were supposed to. They used to have fixed commands you needed to use in order to get anything done and most of the time your speech – no matter how good – wouldn’t be understood. All of that created a sort of malice towards such tech and after all those failures, here comes BMW with a system that actually works but nobody wants to try it anymore.

It’s truly a shame because, as the the video below shows, the new BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant was created to understand free speech. That means you no longer have to use strict phrases to get it to do something, you can just say what you feel or what you need and it will help out in any way possible. The video below shows a couple of examples but there’s a lot more you can do with it. From asking whether you’re gonna need an umbrella today to adjusting various settings it’s all in there.

What I need to mention here though is that those services will vary a lot depending on which country you’re in. Not all features are available in all countries because the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant needs a connection to BMW servers in order to work perfectly and that’s not possible in certain parts of the world.