Since the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra have been released, there have been several comparisons between the two. Most comparisons have the Supra as the more enjoyable car to drive, as it’s setup to be slightly sharper and more exciting. While the Z4 is great to drive as well, it’s designed to be a bit softer and more relaxed, being it’s a roadster. However, there’s at least one person who prefers the Bavarian sibling.

By now, it’s no secret just how similar these two cars are. Both the new BMW Z4 M40i and Toyota Supra share the same chassis, engine, gearbox, rear differential, suspension kit and interior technology. Aside from their drastically different body styles, the two are mechanical twins. However, each brand says its car is tuned to feel significantly different from the other. Is that true, though?

According to William Clavey in this Jalopnik Comparison, yes it is. They feel quite drastically different, actually, with the Supra feeling like the much sportier, more exciting car and the BMW Z4 as the more mature, more adjustable one. Whereas the Z4 can be sporty when it wants to, the Supra always is. The Z4 can switch off and be comfy, whereas the Supra can’t.

For most enthusiasts, that would actually be a compliment to the Toyota. However, Clavey actually finds the BMW Z4 to be the more attractive car. Due to its better duality and easier livability (along with the ability to fold its roof down), it’s actually the nicer car to drive daily. Plus, BMW sort of hoarded the premium interior bits for itself, as its cabin feels much more upmarket than the Supra’s

All-in, both are surprisingly good sports cars in an era when sports cars are dying. So it’s refreshing and encouraging that both exist. If you want a pure sports car, go with the Supra. If you want something that’s a bit softer but still fun and has the added benefit of infinite headroom, go for the BMW Z4 M40i.

[Source: Jalopnik]