As we approach the unveil of the new BMW M3 – scheduled for early 2020 – its brother, the BMW M4, also gets thrown into the conversation. One reason for that is its bold design that’s expected to come from Munich. The 2020 BMW M4 will follow the steps of the recent unveiled BMW Concept 4 and will feature, for the first time ever, some massive kidney grilles. Also a premiere for the Bavarians is the departure from the 3 Series as a base car for its design to a bolder approach that will certainly ruffle people’s feathers.

Famed rendering artist Andrei Avarvarii put together a new interpretation of the 2020 BMW M4 with the expected larger-than-life kidney grille.

The rendered BMW M4 sports the grille design seen on the new BMW Z4 M40i or M340i, to further differentiate themselves from the “lesser” models. For extra flashiness, the rendering artist made use of the Austin Yellow color which first debuted on the F82 M4. A set of BMW Competition wheels were also thrown into the mix, alongside the much-needed M-mirror caps.

Furthermore, the 2020 BMW M4 rendered here showcases some black inserts in the air intakes, as well as a front spoiler lip for additional downforce. The laser headlights give the car a more premium look, while the functional hood with the power dome points to a strong unit.

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Speaking of the engine, the new 2020 BMW M4 will employ the S58 powerplant – recently introduced by the ALPINA in their B3 – with different outputs. The 3.0 liter six-cylinder TwinTurbo unit can push more than 500 horsepower which can be paired with an all-wheel drive system. An entry-level 480 horsepower will be matched with the famous rear-wheel drive from BMW. The M bosses refer internally to this model as the “Pure Edition” which is still a working name.

Since you might ask, yes, the manual transmission will continue to live on in the 2020 BMW M4 – and M3 – but only in combination with the RWD.

The “Pure” models are rumored to have restyled aprons front and rear, their own wheel design, an optional standalone signature paint job, special fabric and alcantara upholstery, color-coded cabin trim and bespoke instrument graphics.

As expected, we will see some more special M3s and M4s down the road – in the shape of CS and CSL variants.

To tease us even more, the M folks are likely to offer a pre-drive of the new M3 and M4 in the near future, followed by a market launch in Summer 2020.