The star of the BMW world today – depends how you look at it – is arguably the new BMW Concept 4 Series which was just unveiled in Frankfurt. It’s only been a few days since it appeared in public, but the BMW Concept 4 Series is already trending online. Naturally, that has to do more with the polarizing design and the extremely oversize kidney grille. The new concept is not only previewing the 4 Series of next year, but also the future design language at BMW.

The next step in this design journey will be the G80 BMW M3, a car that will feature a similar grille size and design. Of course, that will be equally controversial, if not more. Next in line to go big is the G82 BMW M4 which, of course, is based on the upcoming 4 Series.

Aside from the grille, it’s quite clear that the design of the BMW Concept 4 was heavily inspired by the 8 Series and maybe its own concept. The subtle ducktail spoiler, the muscular rear haunches and overall profile are all quite similar to the 8er. It’s shorter and stubbier, though, with ultra-short overhangs. So it looks a bit sportier and more aggressive than the 8 Series, which is a bit prettier and more elegant.

Out back, the taillights each house a single fiber-optic element that creates the now-class L-shaped design, featuring a “heartbeat” graphic. It also gets some vertical vents and a large rear diffuser, which both add some sportiness to the back end of the car.

Overall, the BMW Concept 4 Series is quite a bold statement coming from Munich, but maybe this is exactly what the brand needs in the future. For years, the BMW fans and customers have been quite critical of the safe design language, some even called it boring. Therefore, the Bavarians are now pushing the envelope, as once Chris Bangle did as well.

As always, bold changes are hard to digest, especially when it comes to design which is one of the most subjective things in the world.

But in a few years time, we might look back at this with a different set of eyes…