We just saw the upcoming BMW X5 M doing some testing outside the Nurburgring. The X5 M is going to be the most powerful and exciting X5 when it debuts. However, it’s not going to be around for some time and it’s going to be very expensive. So what if you want to buy a more normal X5 but also want it to have some of the handling and dynamic ability of the upcoming M car? AC Schnitzer has you covered.

This new tuning program from AC Schnitzer, a long-time tuner of BMWs, improves on the handling and agility of the current G05-gen BMW X5. There’s no power upgrades yet but AC Schnitzer is currently working on performance upgrades for both the X5 M50i and X5 xDrive30d.

To improve the handling, AC Schnitzer swapped out the X5’s as-standard air suspension for fixed coil springs that are 20/25 mm lower than standard, front/rear. Not only does this make the suspension firmer but it also lowers the center of gravity quite a bit.

It’s also been given 12 mm wheel spacers at all four wheels, widening the wheeltrack for better grip and handling. It also looks much cooler this way, lowered and widened, and, let’s face it, that matters more than the handling. How many people are really pushing their X5s hard enough to notice the extra grip from a widened wheel track? Not many. They buy this because it looks boss.

Speaking of boss, that’s actually what AC Schnitzer calls this car. Their tuned BMW X5 is actually called “The Boss”. So that’s cool too.

A few different 22-inch wheel options are available; the AC1 Racing Forged Rims, AC1 Light Alloy Wheels, Type V Lightweight Forged Rims or the Type VIII Racing Forged Wheels. All of which fit tires that are 275/35 R 22 at the front and 315/30 R 22 at the rear. The latter of which are simply enormous.

It also gets some new aero, with a roof spoiler, a front spoiler, side skirts and even functional hood vents. On the inside, aluminum pedals and a “Black Line” aluminum cover for the iDrive controller add some extra sportiness.

What’s nice about this tuning package is that it’s more function than form. Sure, it looks better than stock but it’s more about handling upgrades. Which is why it’s well worth buying, as it will make your standard BMW X5 as close to the X5 M as possible.